Coronavirus Information
To Students, Parents, and the Community,
The Jefferson County JVS recognizes that there are concerns about the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the impact on people and the schools. In an effort to communicate information you can go on 
the Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC website. In addition, several pages of 
information from the website are part of this communication. We are working with local and state health organizations to ensure that the JVS makes wise decisions about the Virus. Included in with this letter is suggested best practices from the CDC on how to prevent the spread of flu and other viruses. Hand washing is very important part of prevention along with staying home when ill to prevent the spread of any illness. I hope that the information provided here helps you in recognizing that prevention is an important step in containing these illnesses. 
Click HERE for more information or visit the CDC website 
Dr. Todd Phillipson
Jefferson County JVS 
 Please Note that adult education classes will folllow the JVS closure schedule. Make-up classes will resume April 7th, 2020
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A message from Dr.Phillipson

To the Students, Parents, and Community,

As superintendent of the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School, I welcome you to an outstanding career and college preparatory school. The staff and faculty of the JCJVS work to provide you with training that, when supported by parents and applied by students, helps to build knowledge and skills with democratic principles supported by meaningful instruction and hands-on learning. The school will provide guidance and supervision for students as they progress into mature and responsible decision-making adults.

As you take the courses offered at the JVS, strive to learn as much as you can about your area of study. You have opportunities to develop leadership skills through the organizations and training provided to you by leaders in your chosen field of study. You may also enjoy returning to your home school and participating in clubs, sports, and band. These areas help you to develop leadership and discipline. The JVS has dances and activities as well that can take you to places around the state and even national competitions. Your participation in College Credit Plus may also give you a start on a future area of interest. You have it all at the JVS with hands-on, work-based learning incorporated with academic skills that put you a step ahead of your fellow students. I encourage you to ask the questions and push for knowledge that make for a professional student with real world job skills.

The JVS has been working with students for over 40 years. It is some of the best career training that you can have with multiple employers on the advisory boards for each program. The relationships with the industry leaders ensures that the education that you receive at the JVS prepares you for the current job market or through some further education, it will provide you with credentials and skills for a job that pays well. Again, thank you to all who support the JVS as we serve the students of the county and surrounding area with outstanding 21st century skills that the community can be proud of now and into the future. The Board of Education, Administrators and Staff thank you for your support and believe that through dedication and hard work you are prepared for a successful career for now and into the future.


Dr. Todd Phillipson


Jefferson County JVS

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