About Us JCJVS work to provide you with training that, when supported by parents and applied by students, helps to build knowledge and skills with democratic principles supported by meaningful instruction and hands-on learning. The school will provide guidance and supervision for students as they progress into mature and responsible decision-making adults. Learn More

Fast Facts


2500 plus In-Demand job opportunities were projected in the Southeast Region of Ohio according to Ohio Means Jobs


7 Students participated in the Skills USA Fall Leadership Conference


100% of the students attending the JVS in 2019-20 received an industry credential


94% of students attending the JVS have successfully entered the workforce, college, or military.
Mission of the District
The mission of the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School is to prepare students to make informed career choices while successfully completing programs with occupational, academic, and employability skills. The goal of the JVS is to provide high school graduates with appropriate job placement and a readiness to advance in the workforce.
High School Program
Our mission is to bring all students to successful program completion, high school graduation, appropriate job placement and readiness for lifelong education and retraining by providing each student with a high degree of skill, positive work habits, and positive life attitudes.